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Support Services:

Every organisation is special and unique. Therefore, we tailor your Nowcomm support service to your specific needs.

Nowcomm’s IT Support Service can perfectly complements the growing requirements of your business’ IT department.We can relieve the pressures on your own in-house team who are, we find typically being forced to switch to reactively fire-fight service impacting issues.

This is generally to the detriment of planned service management activities, disrupting improvements, innovations and other key strategic initiatives that would further advance your organisation. From our entry level weekday 9am - 5pm service, through to complete care 24x7x365 and every permutation in-between, we have your business covered.

We have a highly-specialised team of remote and onsite support engineers who are always available to provide support and guidance on a range of issues, monitor and diagnose your network, and provide general guidance and advisory services. Nowcomm’s support services can be selected and combined by our customers into flexible bespoke packages that are customised to each organisations specific needs. This makes Nowcomm the industry go-to support and service provider for Cisco based infrastructure environments.

How Nowcomm Can Help You?

Our services are selected by organisations of all shapes, sizes and industries. From fully supporting thousands of users across private and public sector organisations (including LGov, CGov, NHS and Education), to assisting manufacturers with operations and installations in countries around the globe. Nowcomm support everything from single site not for profit environments in the UK, to high precision engineering businesses and covering locations in over 20 countries worldwide, to specialised financial share dealing practices that require constant ultra-highspeed availability wrapped in total secure architecture design for all elements of their infrastructure communications systems.

Due to an ever-increasing reliance on technology and maximised uptime, there is a huge pressure on CTO’s and Heads of IT Operations to provide for their business a complete and integrated organisational communication infrastructure platform are always operating smoothly. However, many factors complicate this ideal scenario. Is the cost of training up your internal staff on every device, system and manufacturer worth such a significant investment? Will this investment deliver a return, as if the in-house team aren’t using newly acquired skills every day then knowledge is inevitably lost and the investment is wasted. If your teams aren’t experiencing may different usage of the models of the technology, how can you and they be confident their approach is the best for the business? What happens when best practice itself changes, modifies and extends. How will your team identify this and implement the new correct actions as ultimately, we all “only know what we know”.

Nowcomm’s unique service offering works on a scaling model, because we understand that your infrastructure management is more complicated than offering a single IT Support Service package. These include, but aren’t limited to our expert resources providing bolt on support services to your existing team, through to Nowcomm’s fully outsourced IT options for a selected service or application. Examples include network security, telephony and wide area networks. Alternatively, your organisation may be more suited to working with Nowcomm to provide to a complete outsourced services model. Regardless of which model is appropriate for your organisation, Nowcomm offer intelligent high quality support services that provide great benefits to your existing operating model.