sip solutions

SIP Solutions by Nowcomm:

Is your voice traffic still being transported over traditional ISDN trunks? If so, you might be facing the following problems:

As your business grows, and your call volume increases so do your costs as each trunk can only carry a fixed number of concurrent call sessions.
Long turnaround time to see the installation of new trunks, which can take up to 6 weeks to complete causing business to be disrupted.
Rigid and inflexible infrastructure, making adding new collaboration mediums a difficult, time and cost-consuming task.

Fortunately, businesses no longer have to worry about the costs associated with utilising traditional ISDN trunks, since SIP technology has effectively replaced it as the more cost-efficient and flexible option to carry voice, video and other data.

SIP is Session Initiation Protocol which utilises IP technology to carry data as opposed to PSTN or ISDN trunks that use the telephone network to carry primarily voice data. ISDN trunks can only carry out a limited number of concurrent calls at a given time which means, making it difficult to support business growth should projected call volumes increase. SIP lines can carry more data on a single line than an IDN trunk can, allowing firms to easily support business growth, as data is transported over the internet. This is a less costly way to run your voice infrastructure, and is easily deployed and can be seamlessly scaled per your business needs.

If you think we can save your business money, you might be right. Read our article about how we saved Middlesbrough Council £300,000 over 5 years by switching their infrastructure to SIP technology here. Get in touch today for a chat with out experts.