Security Throughout

Nowcomm’s Web Security solutions based on Cisco technology let’s you work smarter:

Now you don’t need to compromise between premises or cloud-based technology to achieve best in class protection for Web Security. Whether on premises or off premises and in the cloud, you can protect all users, regardless of location, and benefit from simplified integration with other Cisco solutions including the organisation’s mobility clients, firewalls and routers.

On Premise Web Security:

Prefer or require an on premises web security solution to meet the needs of your organisation? No problem and no compromise. Nowcomm can provide Cisco Web Security appliances to protect your operations and your employees. Get an introduction to the on premises appliance model with these two short videos.

Email Security:

Today, organisations face a constant barrage of security threats often driven through email messages and activity driven via email communication. The volume of these threats rises exponentially with the widespread availability of tools and techniques that reduce the level of technical skill required by the perpetrator. This creates the added challenge that the threats and attacks are rapidly changing and dynamic, and therefore a challenge to the traditional policy based, signature based protection that has been used to offer protection.

Cisco Email Security By Nowcomm:

Nowcomm deploys Cisco Email Security solutions to protect your organisation. We offer both premises or cloud-based models and work with you to understand the most suitable model to deliver the protection you require.

Nowcomm’s Email security provides the following key benefits.

In Detail

Reliable, all-inclusive service with software, computing power, and support.
Cost-effective cloud-based solution that reduces your onsite data center footprint.
Dedicated email security instances are provided through multiple, resilient Cisco data centres,ensuring exceptional service availability and data protection Note: should sensitive data need to remain physically on-premises, Nowcomm can provide a hybrid model providing advanced control on-site whilst taking advantage of cost-effective convenience of the cloud for all other traffic.


All-inclusive service with software, computing power, and support.

Ready To Go

Appliances come ready to plug-in on premises, in the right size for your environment.


Defend mission-critical email systems at the gateway to minimize downtime.


Outbound defence capabilities including Data Loss Prevention (DLP) integration with RSA, plus email encryption.