Monitoring Services

Monitoring Services:

Systems infrastructure monitoring services provides key benefits to all organisations. These include instant real-time dashboard of IT’s operational performance to the business. Pinpoint outages, potential bottlenecks and cyber threats faster thanks to clear visibility from a complete monitoring service. Work with Nowcomm’s experts to develop a tailored, single pain of glass applicable to each team mebers role and requirements from the executive level through to each systems and application technician.

Network specialists, gain detailed inside view across the WAN, LAN and wireless environments. Voice, video and collaboration architects, see packet flows and performance metrics of your unified communications infrastructure right down to the physical phone or voice client application level. Security compliance offers and datacentre managers can view and drill downs configured for all of your specific role requirements. Departmental and Service Managers, benefit from clear KPI data from across the infrastructure, the ability to drill down to a device or even component level in any of the areas listed above.

So, with so many benefits to the business and the IT department, why is comprehensive monitoring services not already fully deployed across an organisation? Who wants to be forced to operate and work reactively, when proactive control and informed decision making is easily achievable? Our experience finds many reasons that the advantages of complete monitoring have not been achieved. Typically, a combination of factors have prevented, delayed or held back the business and IT department including cost, time, use ability. Combined with organisations not having the experience to understand the art of the possible of advanced monitoring intelliegnce. Further, individual teams and IT services often have a propriety management and possibly some form of bespoke reporting and alerting service of a standalone system or application that have led to a make do and we’ve always done it this way approach.

Nowcomm’s monitoring solutions ensure proactive and informed control of your environment. IT teams are now positioned to stay on top of corporate network traffic, performance, security alerts and all-around assurance that your communications network is in top health at all times. A holistic complete approach to IT services monitoring will save organisations money and lower operational and performance risk.

Nowcomm can help; our service delivery and operations experts leverage decades of industry expertise in monitoring systems to identify issues and areas of cost-savings quickly and efficiently. Our services can be tailored to your exact requirements. If you have the capacity and skill for your team to act on monitoring performance data and reports, but just don’t want the hassle and overhead of managing the monitoring environment then we can take care of just this element you. Equally if you require a one stop shop, so that you and your team read and review the KPI’s and top-level dashboards and our team handle all the alert details on a minute by minute, hour by hour basis our service scales to meet your needs.

Nowcomm’s monitoring services include configuration, advisory and implementation, ongoing optimisation, patching and support of your monitoring environment so you can get on with looking after your IT environment. Additionally, we have invested in our own as a service cloud-based monitoring solution to serve customers that don’t want the cost or overhead of managing and owning on premise monitoring infrastructure, or that would like to experience the benefits of infrastructure monitoring without the need to make a major software investment in case this capital expenditure does not meet the organisations needs in a year or two’s time.