Cloud & Data Centre:

Is your Data Centre the agile heart of your IT infrastructure or a drain on budget, resources and an anchor to change?

We can guide you along the path to the efficiencies of private and public Cloud service delivery through server virtualisation, converged fabrics, virtualised data storage, Software-as-a-Service and Infrastructure-as-a-Service solutions.

If you want to reduce server and storage operational cost, whilst at the same time boosting performance and speed of response, then our industry leading FlexPod systems provide the ideal solution to make your data centre your biggest asset.


Cisco Collaboration

In Detail

At Nowcomm we believe that Cisco is leading the way in this “Hyperconvergence”. They aren’t the first to the market in this area, but then Facebook wasn’t the first to social media and Google wasn’t the first internet search engine. What the latter two both achieved was a service better than any other in the market, and both continued to improve and enhance their technology based offerings for their customers.
We think Cisco’s Hyperflex solutions will do the same in the data centre. Cisco already lead the market in all aspects of network infrastructure. They have been doing the same in enterprise class compute too, having now almost ten years of market expertise with their UCS server offerings; a server based technology built from the ground up which was not constrained by the need to fit into an existing product line, instead a product set designed with digital transformation in mind. Now Cisco have combined their network technology and their service technology, and also added best in class storage capabilities, for their Hyperconverged solution set. These run under the Cisco HyperFlex range.
With Nowcomm’s expertise combined with this leading Cisco technology, we believe that Nowcomm have a complete solution service that will help organisations transition to a modernised automated data centre; one that is application centric and benefits from an open architecture rather than a locked down, inflexible environment. Applications can be moved from premises to cloud and back to premises as and when required. This ability to move workloads into the cloud and from the cloud increases IT agility, enabling the IT department to deliver IT services and line of business applications to the organisation much faster. The result is not just the improved operational efficiency of the IT department, but big competitive advantages to the organisation in the ever-developing digital world.

Less than 1 hour

Deploy Hyperflex and the network in less than one hour.

In seconds

Create hundreds of clones of any size.


80% of data storage savings.


Hyperflex is designed for simplicity and brings increased efficiency and adaptability.