Break Fix Solutions


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Break Fix Solutions:

Deliver essential IT assurance to your business operations with our entry level support service. Our break fix service model is simple and straightforward. If something breaks, we will send you a replacement device direct to site, plus a qualified Nowcomm maintenance engineer to complete the swap out. Break fix services can be effectively deployed for organisations which operate a very large in-house technical support and service team, and require and effective logistics arm to manage the infrastructure assets of the organisation, including the correct replacement and ongoing asset management functions.

Additionally, a break fix model may be appropriate for some operating environments and challenges the organisation is presented with. For customers that are forced to maintain legacy systems, typically due to a physical environmental requirement or due to the dependency of a bespoke, customised or critical business application, then Nowcomm’s break fix service may provide a solution. We can help provide operational assurance of any associated infrastructure platforms that may no longer be supported with a manufacturers hardware and software support service.

Our break fix service option can also be selected by organisations to cover or support temporary and “one-off” problems, for example during the transition and migration phases when replacing aging key business systems to a newer environment. Here, customers can find the complete support services of the existing operational systems for the short period during transition are not a financially viable option, and so a break fix assurance model is selected whilst the technology is descoped and ultimately decommissioned.