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Nowcomm™s Scott Bradley: From Technical Engineer to Solutions Builder

Scott Bradley, former Nowcomm Engineer talks to Anaaf Bhatti about transitioning into his new role at the Company and what Nowcomm’s stakeholders can expect from him going forward. Richard McLoughlin, Nowcomm CEO also contributes during the round table discussion. 

Anaaf: So, Scott, its been a very exciting few months for you as you settle into your new role, could you share your insights into what your new role is and how it compares to your former position?

Yep. That’s right – I’ve transitioned from the Nowcomm Engineering department to the Sales Team. It’s been nearly 2 months since I started this new role and have already learnt a lot of new things. The biggest is that account management isn’t as easy as people might think, and is more than just picking up a phone and calling people to sell them a product; a common view during my days as a member of the technical team! The easy transition into this role was due to my background in providing high-level customer service as an engineer. My approach to account management is about supporting the customer experience by going above and beyond to meet their requirements. Especially at times when customers don’t know what their requirements are, or when they haven’t seen the problem or opportunity in an area of their business that I have previous experience of.

After 3 years of working in the Network Operations Centre at Nowcomm, I made the decision with the management team that I had the correct skills and aptitude to transition from a technical support engineer into a member of the Nowcomm sales operation. This journey and my next stage of professional development is just the beginning, however the goal remains the same: to solve the customer’s problem. As an engineer, this involved finding a fix for the customer’s issue or service request ticket. As an account manager, it’s about leveraging different resources and different expert opinions within our business to create the best solution for the client. I’m solving the customer’s problem in a different way, but with the same dedication as my days as an engineer.

Anaaf: So Scott, in essence you’re still helping to resolve the requirement, but now without being the fixer yourself?

That’s correct. In short, I’m wearing a different hat but still want to help the customer reach the same destination! I want my position as an account manager to involve opening a dialogue with frustrated IT Managers and Network Engineers who are struggling to align their daily problems with adequate solutions. I know from my own direct experience that the job of the IT department can sometimes be a thankless one – an endless number of requests, alerts and problems and not enough time (and money) to acknowledge them all. I’m looking forward to listening to and addressing these problems with my own and the wider Nowcomm pool of expertise.

Anaaf: Richard, from your position, whats it like for you to watch Scott transition into this exciting and different role within Nowcomm?

“From both an executive position and at a personal level, it is interesting and humbling listening to Scott talk about his goals and plans, and the steps he’s made at this point in his career. Scott’s personal credentials continue to support the culture at the heart of Nowcomm's objective: Excellent Customer Service. It's always brilliant to have people within our team directly managing our customer's interests with such a solid background in the technology that underpins our solutions and services! Scott is a great example of the progressive and employee-first work culture we have in Nowcomm; whereby our employees are assured knowing their aspirations and goals are heard and taken on board across the business. This ultimately improves and feeds our customer service and care model as employees are eager to try new and different things to support our customer’s needs and ongoing requirements.

Nowcomm places significant focus and investment in bringing people in from all backgrounds. This includes individuals with commercial or technical skillsets in junior or intermediate positions, who want to progress into being members of one of the best teams in the industry. For over a decade, we've brought in graduates, implemented placement schemes with local universities to support the growth of undergraduate students, and recently began an apprenticeship programme for those who want to enter the IT industry outside of academia and via a more vocational and “hands-on” route. I’m delighted with the many successful co-workers Nowcomm has supported and helped progress over the years and the part we play in each of these individuals ongoing success and future career paths.  

Whilst I’ve now been in the industry myself for several decades (gulp!), I can still remember my first introduction into the industry, and it happened to be in a technical services role too. Whilst it has been many years since I transitioned from direct engineering responsibilities to the commercial side of business operations, I can still appreciate and relate to the excitement and challenges Scott is presented with. Having already worked alongside Scott for the past three years I am confident of the successful transition he will make into his new Account Management responsibilities here at Nowcomm and wish him every success for the future."

Anaaf: Scott, now that we understand your background and your focus within the business, what about when you are out of the office? Can you share a few of your life interests when you're away from meetings, email and the phone?

Thanks, Anaaf, I’d be more than happy to expand on life when away from the business environment. Here’s a bit about me: Although I’m focussed on making customers happy, I’m far, far away from all work and no play. In my spare time, I try and squeeze in as much motorsport as possible; whether that means going away to watch the British Touring Car Championship (BTCC) or classic car road trips and rallies; which coincidentally seem to involve less and less driving and more about sampling a beer or two in the sun … but that’s one for another day! And if that list wasn’t exhaustive enough, I also take my own car to track days and sprint days which is something I’m sure existing customers have become fed up of hearing about over the phone for the last 3 years when they ask what am I doing at the weekend!

So, on that note I’d better get back to my desk and check the progress of todays to do list. To those who will be reading Anaaf’s article, thanks for getting to the end of her piece. Hopefully, I can help assist you on your journey too! Call or email if you need me or think the team and I at Nowcomm can help :- ).

Scott Bradley - 01332 821 129   [email protected]

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