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Cisco Spark: The Perfect Collaboration Tool?

Cisco Spark is a leading cloud-based collaboration platform developed by Cisco for teams to create, share and message one another.

The platform combines voice, video, white board and instant messaging functionality into a single stream of communication. The application can be installed onto users’ desktops, mobile phones and tablets centralising all manners of communication across every device so you can access your important documents no matter where you are, or what device you have.

Cisco Spark is a comprehensive and secure tool transforming the way we do business by streamlining the tools and applications we use to get work done. Spark promotes digital transformation by bringing together teams both physically and virtually, and enabling them to collaborate regardless of location and device.

Cisco Spark is Simple, Secure, Open and Complete.

Simple: Cisco Spark is delivered from the Cisco Collaboration Cloud, and is designed with the user and administration experience in mind. It is easily manageable, intuitive and simple to navigate and paid for on a subscription basis, so you can add services a sand when you need to.

Secure: Cisco utilises their global security network to apply extensive protection to both software and hardware elements of Cisco enterprise and cloud services. Cisco Spark is reinforced with this vast security network protection, therefore being a perfectly safe and reliable platform for your teams to use.

Complete: Cisco Spark comprises of Cisco’s leading collaboration services into one platform. Spark offers a dynamic working experience that brings together meeting, messaging and calling functionality and is both location and device agnostic. As the application is deployed from the cloud, the services are always up-to-date with minimal downtime.

Open: APIs and integrations ensure a personalised and agile experience. Self-enabled bots, integrations and APIs can be customised to fit within your existing workstreams.

Hybrid Call Service

Hybrid Call Service connects with Cisco Unified Communications Manager, BE6K, BE7K and HCS with Cisco Spark for an integrated user experience. This means Cisco Spark is aware of all calls carried out on any device and can access call history made on desktops and personal devices etc.

Register for the Webinar

There is a wide range of functionality, features and integrations that Cisco Spark offers. Nowcomm’s co-founder, Technology Director and Voice expert will be running through the Cisco Spark platform in a 30-minute webinar on Wednesday 10th May 2016. We will also be guiding those that are interested in downloading and setting up a free trial of Cisco Spark on their network, so they can test out it’s usefulness themselves.

Visit our Cisco Spark microsite for more information here.

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