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4 reasons you can work better using Cisco Spark

Are you one of those managers that constantly reads ‘How to make your employees more productive’ articles, or similar? It’s possible you’ve read about several outlandish ways to enable your team to work better, for e.g. one company tried to shorten the length of their meetings by making everyone do a plank if they wanted to talk in the meeting, therefore contributions were short and concise. Strange – but apparently, it worked.

However, we know not every company can implement these methods and prefer something more practical and straightforward. Businesses go toward presence and messaging systems to keep teams digitally connected. The issue here is that there is never just one unified system, but rather disjointed multiple platforms that operate in their own silos. This means employees hop from one platform to another, making collaborating on projects and even basic communication time-consuming and complex.

Cisco Spark, which is a leading unified collaboration solution for organisations has been a frequented topic in our enquiries inbox by both customers and prospects alike. Although the benefits and applications of Spark are self-explained to those familiar with collaborative platforms, unaware directors and managers may not be so here are 4 reasons you can relay to your colleagues about why Spark is the way to go so they can love it the way you do.

Everything is in one place, so say hello to being organised without even trying.

Cisco Spark keeps all your meetings, conversations, files, documents and ideas in a single space allowing you to always keep on top of the latest piece of work or project you’ve been collaborating on. This means no more filtering through masses of folders in your OneDrive or inbox, you can find the latest update on your project or the minutes of your last meeting in one place – quite a handy feature for the busy executive. You don’t have to chase colleagues to get your hands on a file anymore you can get it yourself and save time and frustrations!

You don’t have to be at your desk or even in the company building to have a meeting.

As long as you have your Spark end-point device you can engage in meetings wherever you are, which means you never have to miss an important meeting update and can catch up with your colleagues even if you’re on opposite sides of the world. Being connected has never been easier or simpler. If a team member or manager isn’t in the building and you want to schedule an impromptu meeting – you can. It can be a nightmare getting people together to have a quick briefing, especially if people are working remotely or are out of the office for any other reason. Spark enables you to schedule and have these meetings with less hassle and less time looking at everyone’s diary to see when they’re available.

Less downtime + lower running costs = less risk & a happy business.

Spark is deployed from the cloud which means virtually 100% uptime – you don’t have to worry about losing your work, conversations and ideas. It also means even if your infrastructure is starting to get creaky, you can be safe in the knowledge that all your communications will still be there. This means less time spent worrying about slow performance and more time focussing on the business. The costs of running Spark are modest compared to over-priced collaboration solutions that have saturated the market today.

Because it’s cool

Imagine going into a conference room armed with just your company laptop or phone and then seeing your name appear on the big screen in the room without even doing anything. Spark senses when you’ve entered a room by a  signal your phone or laptop gives off when it is signed into Spark – this is called proximity. It’s also popular when customers visit as an impressive piece of technology, making your business appear lightyears ahead of its competitors.


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