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4 reasons to upgrade to VCS Expressway

Video collaboration and conferencing are used as a tool to communicate both inside and outside of the business environment. However seamless video communication is contingent on how effective the existing video infrastructure is.

New technologies have allowed firms to be more flexible and have a better video experience. The benefits of upgrading your VCS are immeasurable, but here are a few reasons you want to consider it.

Collaborate from anywhere

You can connect to other video-capable devices easily, regardless of where you are (contingent on there being an internet connection). Whether you’re working from home, a coffee shop or another location, you can communicate seamlessly through high-quality video. This means you aren’t tied down by working in one location and can connect with your colleagues, suppliers, customers and more wherever you are.

Increased Productivity

Old VCS technology used to run off traditional ISDN trunks using limited bandwidth, making video communication both expensive and inefficient. Difficulty in establishing a high-quality connection with the receiver meant that time and resources were lost in failed video conferencing meetings. The new VCS Expressway is run over the internet, which has heavily improved over the years meaning businesses can benefit from running high-quality video calls on bandwidth as high as 100gb. There’s nothing worse than video conferencing a customer or colleague, only to be met with lags and poor video quality – new VCS technology eliminates these inefficiencies.


Traditional ISDN trunks used for the old VCS platform were inflexible and expensive to purchase and maintain. In addition to this, more money was expended on the calls made through ISDN, however the VCS expressway run off the internet, which, aside from the cost of paying your internet provider is free, saving organisations thousands of £’s a month.


As opposed to traditional video communication, VCS Expressway uses the internet to connect calls. This makes video-calling as easy as phone-calling, stripping away the complexity required with traditional video calling that required units, and additional technology to make it work.

If you are still using traditional video communication technology from the Tandberg era, or older generation VCS appliances and want to consider upgrading then get in touch Here

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