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3 ways to stay on top of your network usage

Does it take ‘forever’ for your computer to get running and complete simple tasks? Are your employees constantly putting in complaints and notices about the time it takes to load applications or just even start the computer? We’ve heard it all. A slow network is not only high inconvenient, but can be a symptom of a bigger problem in your infrastructure. Here are our three tips to preventing, identifying and resolving the issues behind your slow network.

Start monitoring your network

In business, the best decisions are the ones that are the most informed decisions. The same runs true for IT and networks, the best network and IT-related decisions are the ones that are made when you have visibility of your entire network. By being fully informed of what’s happening in your network, you can gain an understanding about how well your elements are performing, or not performing. You can observe whether parts need replacing, repairing or take a wider look at your infrastructure and see if a systems refresh is on the cards. Not only will you be able to identify areas of underperformance, but you can make sensible, cost-conscious decisions about managing your infrastructure, instead of scatter-gunning your kit purchasing.

Get an independent audit

Alongside monitoring, it would be useful and interesting to get an external perspective on your network. Sometimes, when we are constantly inundated with alerts, notices and discussions about the everyday running of the network, it can be difficult to make objective judgements about what we think is happening or what we should do. Sometimes getting an independent auditor to look every so often can assist in maintaining the health of your network, and maybe identify issues that you might not have picked up because you weren’t looking for it amid your other responsibilities. By identifying these issues, you can decide to only spend where you need to, and make changes to your network that could enhance its performance.

Align your routing devices to support your WAN traffic

There’s no good use in having a 1GBps connection if your Firewall Model capacity is 300MBps. Not only is this an inefficient use of your connection, it means your network can be easily overladen with traffic, having an impact on network performance and therefore workforce productivity as critical business applications start to flounder. Getting in touch with network specialists can help in identifying the correct throughput for your devices and licenses, one of the Nowcomm team are always happy to help with this. It’s a step in ensuring your network is operating efficiently, and you’re getting the most out of your connection instead of buying more and more data in the hope that your performance improves.

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