Training Services

Education and Training – an often-overlooked silver bullet to IT investment success:

We’ve worked on projects and solutions big and small, and all too often our initial experience identifies that whilst major effort and consideration is given to the technical platforms, project plans for the design, deployments procedure and other factors, an absolutely critical piece of the jigsaw is often forgotten or treated as an unnecessary cost – that of training.

Nowcomm provides customised training services to our customers, built around our customers’ needs and requirements. Using our expertise and decades of industry knowledge our model is to construct a training programme from a series of modules and tailor this to the customer and task in hand. We’ve never delivered the exact same training programme twice because we’ve never met two identical customers.

That’s why Nowcomm’s training services are not provided by classroom based trainers. Our trainers come from engineering and business backgrounds. They continue to spend some time designing solutions, installing solutions and supporting solutions, so they really do understand how things work, the good, the bad and the ugly. Our customers don’t receive training based on demo system because that does not represent the real world and that does not represent your world. We use your organisation's environment to base the training around.

Nowcomm’s training services are typically divided into two streams, training focused on our customers own in house IT team resources and training focused on the non-IT professional, the wider employee base of the organisation that will be consuming and using the very technology that is being deployed. Within these two streams, there is typically a wide range of skills, interests, requirements and knowledge, so we always start by working with our customers to perform a skills gap profile and a requirements profile. This then allows the applicable training outline followed by the training detail to be produced and delivered.

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In Detail

Introductory and Awareness training for those not familiar with the solution or system. Such training is designed to get the company up and running, confident and familiar with the solutions. This training should be performed throughout the solution lifecycle and not simply added on at “go-live”. All areas of the business, including the wider IT department should understand from an early stage the new service being provided, the benefits and improvements that will be achieved and importantly how to maximise the solution in each area of the organisation.
Typically taking the format of the trainer knowledge transfer programme. This builds knowledge and a pool of resource within the organisation that perform the role of the super user and solution champion across the non-IT department areas. Within the IT department, professional training from Nowcomm enables the organisations IT resources to competently administer and manage the environment to the level required.
Typically, this level of training is provided to members of the organisations IT team. Often in direct knowledge transfer 1 to 1 or a 1 to a few, setting. Our experts will understand the knowledge gaps to your own professional level and impart our expert knowledge to your team.


Update events introduce new features and are aimed at those who have already attended a Nowcomm Introductory, Professional or Expert training service as applicable.


Our experience has shown that as technology is upgraded particularly from one version to another the many benefits and improvements that are included within the upgrade are not identified and passed on to the organisation.

Avoid Complexity

The result is the technology manufacturer benefit from upgrade charges or subscriptions, whilst the organisations are left cash-strapped. Further, occasional negative experiences can occur, when an upgrade introduces cost, complexity and delay.

Retrain don’t replace

With Nowcomm’s training services, our team will ensure maximum effectiveness and efficiencies with every solution service, including when organisation upgrade rather than replace their existing infrastructure technology environments.