Policy, Access & Security Management

Policy, Access & Security Management:

As your business goes from strength to strength it makes sense that your security environment does so as well.

Why do I need Policy, Access and Security Network Management?

When your organisation grows, more users want to securely access the network on different devices and from different locations, making your job as IT or Network Administrator more complicated. It’s impossible to always keep track of where people access the network from and what device they are using to do it, as most the time users don’t inform you when they do. Nevertheless, it’s your job to ensure they are accessing the network securely and in line with your security policy.

What is Nowcomm’s Solution?

We deliver against your requirements, whether that’s designing a local, cloud-based or centralised solution. Nowcomm’s Security Network Management solution utilises Cisco’s Identity Services Engine to give you network visibility and help you manage all users, devices and access to the company network from one location. Cisco ISE provides secure, contextualised access based on your corporate business policies. ISE can match users and endpoints and other attributes such as time, location, threat, vulnerability, and access type or method, creating an all-encompassing contextual identity. You can view all of the endpoints in your network from a single web-based console called pxGrid, which simplifies and ‘de-clutters’ the management process. There are countless things on your to-do list – don’t make complicated security network management several of them.

How does this help me and my business?

Additionally, you can enforce policies across the network and security infrastructure from a single location, and also define separate policy rules for registered and guest users so that they can’t access the same parts of the network. This means your users are accessing the network and company information securely and compliantly. The days are gone when users tried to access the corporate network on a device with unsecured internet connectivity or download an unapproved application. You can take centre stage within your network security management, and be rest assured that you’re always in the loop. You’ll also never have to worry about scalability – ISE can run up to 500,000 concurrent sessions and be deployed across 1.5m endpoints. This means you can be safe in the knowledge that your security network can grow easily as your business experiences growth and success.