Design Services

Design Services:

When designing infrastructure solutions, consulting resources need to have not only the complete knowledge of the technology architect, but also require the real world expertise of the installation engineer and the operational insight of the service manager. Without this combination experience grand designs will ultimately find they are delivered on a platform of shifting sand.

Nowcomm’s consulting team bring this level of expertise to your organisation and maintain this highest level of competency by not Permanently performing consulting services, but will dedicate time to both service operations and installation activities. This is in addition to remaining current with wider industry best practice methodologies along with regular exposure to the latest technology developments.

In this way, we believe Nowcomm’s technical design authorities can produce customised and tailored detailed solution designs and blueprints for your organisation that utilise existing technology infrastructure with leading edge not bleeding edge new technologies to enhance the digital evolution of your organisation. These designs incorporate standards based, scalable open architectures to protect your ongoing investments, reduce dependencies on human resources and minimise risk of deployment and operational failure.

Consulting design services may be taken as part of a wider Nowcomm offering including implementation, training and support, and in other cases our customer’s internal IT department may have the scale and depth to follow and implement Nowcomm’s detailed technical project design documentation to perform the implementation in-house, or perhaps to use the detailed design to perform an independent tender for supply and installation. If the later approach is selected, Nowcomm design consultants can be employed to help assist with both the tender scoring criteria and the wider tender process including assisting with the reviewing the quality of the respondents and participating in the final selection process.