Advisory & Risk

Advice & Risk Services:

Technology is evolving at an incredible rate, making it difficult to stay on top of the opportunities and challenges they can bring to your organisation. Sometimes, you can become so busy running your business that you might not even be aware of any changes occurring at all. When it comes to managing risk and compliance within your IT network, ignorant isn’t bliss.

Do you worry about:

Your systems failing, causing immeasurable financial and operational loss to your organisation?

Unauthorised network breaches and data theft leaving your organisation inoperable, amassing reputational damage and sizeable fines?

Sensitive documents or software being involuntarily accessed by unbeknownst employees with the wrong access policy, wreaking governance-related havoc within your firm?

An unprecedented crisis that leaves you helpless and unaware of where and how to begin picking up the pieces?

It’s not always possible to be on top of everything all the time, and sometimes managing risk and compliance within your organisation can take a backseat as you focus on your main goal: running your business efficiently. Nowcomm share the same goal: We want to focus on your business, particularly managing and mitigating the risks your business may face due to poor IT governance and compliance.

As we become increasingly reliant on our network operating correctly to run our business, the thought of disruption to our network’s physical and virtual infrastructure induces a shiver down the spine. Do you know how you would handle this?

Nowcomm’s focus is to minimise the risks your business faces by managing what we can control, as opposed to trying and failing to avoid inevitable problems. We do this by devising a suitable strategy to address several likely eventualities by drawing upon our decades’ worth of industrial experience in managing, supporting and servicing networks. We are one of a handful of Cisco Gold Certified Partners, an accreditation achieved due to our commitment to staying ahead of the curve in several architectural disciplines – we have faced and handled critical issues and have developed an aptitude for dousing IT fires. Not happy with the current state of your IT strategy? Arrange a consultation with one of our experts by filling in our contact form.