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In many markets your customer’s loyalty is only as good as the experience they had during their last interaction, and customer expectations are higher than ever. Particularly when poor service is experienced, not only do you hear about it, but so do all of your customer’s friends and contacts across various social media platforms, negatively impacting your brand and service in a much more public setting than was the case just a few years ago. Then there is the added challenge that looking after your customer has become increasing more complex as yesterday’s call centres now need to be today’s multi-channel, fully integrated contact centres where customer information and preferences are combined across social channels, voice, email, web chat and, increasingly, video interaction.

NowContact from Nowcomm provide a range of options in the art of customer collaboration enabling orgnaisations of all sizes and sectors to not simply retain existing customers, but increase their loyalty along with opportunities to attract new customers in exciting ways. Our NowContact solutions are modular, providing a service platform that can address quick wins, and offering agility based on an open architecture to incorporate new services quickly.

NowContact also supports the transition of existing services over time, reducing risk and the dependency on a big bang approach. The customer is king, and customer service is the crown you need to be associated with. Are you happy with the net promoter score you have with your customers? Do you deliver a premium experience to your customers? Are you struggling to build out a strategy that takes you from your current position to the multi-channel, fully engaged service that is needed to build competitive advantage rather than be left behind by your competitors? Could innovation, such as a smartphone visual customer interaction app that when required connects your customer to an appropriate agent better route to your services. Could video allow your customer support team to provide a more accurate first time response to the customer? You may offer multichannel contact options, but is the service joined up, enabling your business to track the experience of the customer when they have engaged via the webchat, then email, followed up by a voice call … and how are you building out real time video communications services? Research shows that in just a short time 91% of UK contact centres will be socially engaged and 45 % video enabled.

Nowcomm’s Customer Interaction solutions based on Cisco technology.

Nowcomm’s James Baly on the challenges of offering the contact channels the customer wants, not what the organisation offers.

See how Nationwide, the UK’s largest building society use Cisco technology to provide video interactions as part of their customer sales and service model.

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