Introducing Cisco’s Unified Compute System (UCS)

Unified Compute System (UCS)

Cisco's Unified Compute System (USC) delivers real IT innovation, improving data centre server performance whilst also lowering the cost of computing.

Ready for initiatives such as private cloud, big data or desktop virtualisation? Cisco UCS provides the answer with Cisco’s fabric computing design, that combines compute, flash memory, storage and networking functions.

Application Centric Policies deliver speed and consistency for your data centre operations. And Cisco's open API architecure enables broad integration, delivering significant flexibility and agility whilst reducing the level of complexity and risk often experienced in data centre application projects.

To learn about many of the key benefits of Cisco UCS,watch this video introduction.

Unified Compute System (UCS) By Nowcomm

UCS in action

UCS in action

Find out how MSA, a 50 year old data analytics business in the US, transformed it’s possibilities and the services they provide to their customers with Cisco UCS technology.

UCS in action By Nowcomm

UCS in all shapes and sizes

UCS in all shapes and sizes to suit all requirements and budgets

Cisco UCS technology has been designed to support organisations of all sizes, not simply those with huge data centre requirements. If you are a smaller business, a remote or branch location, a school or smaller not for profit organisation or similar, you may have local server requirements. Introducing the Cisco UCS mini, all the technology and power, in a smaller platform.

UCS in action By Nowcomm

How exciting really is server technology?

How exciting really is server technology?

Well, the Cisco UCS M series modular servers look very exciting to the server & applications team members in this next video review. Regardless of your technical understanding or interest in server architectures, the first two minutes of this video are worth every moment to see how excited people can get when they look at a new rackmount server platform … and if you want the soup and nuts then there is some great technical content throughout the whole video discussion.

Cisco UCS By Nowcomm

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UCS Case Study

Mercy Health Systems

Find out how Mercy, one of the top 5 large health systems in the US, depends on Cisco UCS servers for patient healthcare services.

Mercy Health System By Case Study

Which Is Right For You ?

Which Is Right For You ?

In the data centre, your organisation may not be sure if it should adopt Cisco UCS or Cisco MDS technology. If you are planning a data centre project, which is better? And if you already operate one of the platforms, can you integrate the other, and if so what are the advantages?

Cisco UCS or Cisco MDS By Cisco

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