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To ensure optimal performance of any system and environment regular comprehensive reviews are required. An organisation will regularly check and service a range of systems examples range from each buildings emergency lighting to the organisations entire fleet of vehicles. Therefore, when so much of any organisations day to day operational performance depends on the effective operation of IT, comprehensive health checks and audits of the technology should be planned and managed.

Unlike many other environments within the organisation, the IT systems develop organically, with new hardware and software being introduced both as part of a complex key project initiatives and also often as point solutions to produce a short term work around or fix an immediate pinch point. The reviews carried out by our consultants can identify software and hardware mismatches, configuration anomalies that may be lowering performance, producing suboptimal systems. Business continuity coverage may not be as effective as expected or planned and there may be blind spots in the data security model that need to be identified and closed by the organisation before they are exposed by an undesirable third party.

Given our proven expertise in areas such and the necessary data network infrastructure for optimal local area, wide area and wireless networks, in cloud and data centre environments including converged and hyper converged unified computing, in the multi-channel world of collaborative communications and across infrastructure security, Nowcomm are best placed to deliver the valued consulting support and guidance your organisation can depend upon to deliver and extend the return on existing investments whilst driving through the positive digital transformation strategies needed for current and future marketplace.

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